EVEXIA is the first ever licenced Mental Health Day Care Clinic in South Africa. This thoughtful name was chosen by founder Winston Schoeman and means WELLNESS in Greek.


Winston is passionate about introducing a more appropriate level of mental health care. That is a level of mental health care that is more containing than existing Primary Care like occasional consultations with psychiatrists, psychologists, occupational therapists or dieticians but is also a level that is less disruptive than existing Tertiary Care like admission to overnight psychiatric hospitals, often for extended stay.


EVEXIA is for everybody and anybody from all walks of life, from 18 to 118 who is not feeling well. Our team offers help on every level of daily living and health, healthy eating, social issues, psychology and psychiatry.

EVEXIA is ready for you:


  • If you are feeling overwhelmed, by your feelings, thoughts and daily living;
  • If you are angry and irritable, in what feels like an unreasonable way;
  • If you are feeling trapped by anxiety and fear that may even lead to debilitating panic;
  • If you have no energy for anything and feel withdrawn, despondent, detached, lonely, alienated or displaced;
  • If you sometimes feel it is all too much and you would rather not carry on living – even acting out on this feeling by harming yourself;
  • If you have experienced loss, trauma, major changes, stress or a variety of life events that you struggle to deal with; and
  • If you are thoroughly confused, don’t know what to do and maybe conflicting input from various health professionals make you feel worse.
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The role of the psychologist is pivotal because we work with emotions and the inner most hidden feelings. We work with these because if left unattended, they are the cause of alienation from the self which is the basis of mental illness and manifests in things such as paranoid thoughts, anxiety, depression, personality and mood disorder. By engaging with these hidden feelings/thoughts we assist service users with improving relationships with themselves and other people. We also assist with adjustment disorder following major life changes or transitions; as well as environmental conditions imposed by trauma and bullying. We do not however treat psychosis and if a service user is assessed as psychotic we would immediately refer to an overnight facility.

We are responsible for an individual psychological assessment and the group psychotherapy component of the Evexia program. The individual assessment consists of an interview and psychometric testing that gives us an indication about service users' psychological well being, cognition, personality, behavioral patterns and relationships as well as many other contributing factors. Group psychotherapy allows us to work with the service user towards emotional understanding and containment - but more importantly. group psychotherapy allows personal insight and relational awareness to take place in a way that differs from individual psychotherapy.


- Staffed by a carefully selected multi-disciplinary team (psychiatry, psychotherapy, occupational therapy, dietetics and physiotherapy) who share Winston’s passion and vision;

- Covered by in hospital Medical Aid/Insurance/Scheme benefits.

- Our staff is available during office hours from 08h00 to 16h30, to make bookings or answer any further questions you may have.

- Service users can be referred by any health professional, friends or family and self-referring is welcomed.

- All service users will be assessed by a multi-disciplinary team (MDT), and specifically by a psychiatrist, before admission will be confirmed.

- When you contact Evexia we will require relevant information to pre-approve payment with your medical scheme if you are using one. Self-payment is also possible.

- Evexia is not an overnight facility, nor an emergency facility.

- All contact with Evexia is treated confidentially and we will not discuss your story with anyone unless you ask us to help.